Citrus County Zip Code Map

There are 21 Zip Codes in Citrus County and 82,966 Postal Deliveries.

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Citrus County Zip Code: Address Count Widget

Use the Count Widget below to see the total number of addresses within zip codes. You can also get a breakdown of the number of Residential Addresses versus Business Addresses. In addition, the results show property types:
Single Family Homes, Apartments and Trailers.

Zip CodeSingle Family HomesApartmentsTrailersBusinessesTotalCity
3442367300214887Crystal River , FL
3442842002363942785108Crystal River , FL
344294443150736035269Crystal River, Ozello, FL
34433346980563533Citrus Springs, Pine Ridge, FL
34434396110714033 Citrus Springs, Hernando, Pine Ridge, FL
34436391982691604356 Floral City , FL
34441381000381 Hernando, FL
344428087665592749085 Hernando, Lecanto, Citrus Hills,Pine Ridge, FL
344451490052201Pine Ridge, FL
344468806215322669319Homosassa Springs, Lecanto, Sugarmill Woods, FL
3444770300147850Homosassa, FL
3444852301172062615814 Homosassa Springs, Homosassa, Lecanto, FL
3445052711792853736108Inverness, FL
3445169400273967 Inverness, FL
34452547415031465773 Inverness, Inverness Highlands South, FL
3445349072041323635606 Inverness, Citrus Hills, Hernando, Inverness Highlands North, FL
3446040700189596Pine Ridge, FL
344614733214303725349Homosassa Springs, Lecanto, Citrus Hills, Sugarmill Woods, Black Diamond, Pine Ridge, FL
3446430700141448 Beverly Hills, FL
344658669125332219048Beverly Hills,Black Diamond, Pine Ridge, FL
344872020033235 Homosassa, FL

Cities, Towns & Municipalities Located within Citrus County

Use the Address Count Widget above – Search with the City Name to find the Zip Code(s)

  • Beverly Hills
  • Black Diamond
  • Citrus Hills
  • Citrus Springs
  • Crystal River
  • Floral City
  • Hernando
  • Homosassa
  • Homosassa Springs
  • Inverness
  • Inverness Highlands North
  • Inverness Highlands South
  • Lecanto
  • Pine Ridge
  • Sugarmill Woods

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