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There are 49 Zip Codes in Duval County and 457,089 Postal Deliveries.

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Duval County Zip Code: Address Count Widget

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Single Family Homes, Apartments and Trailers.

Zip CodeSingle Family HomesApartmentsTrailersBusinessesTotalCity
32201600054114JACKSONVILLE, FL
322023132143010103466JACKSONVILLE, FL
322031080006151695JACKSONVILLE, FL
322041941270009195560JACKSONVILLE, FL
322051084434041108215331JACKSONVILLE, FL
3220660642019809259088JACKSONVILLE, FL
32207105445270285220918308JACKSONVILLE, FL
322081210413016484714316JACKSONVILLE, FL
322091242526352781015897JACKSONVILLE, FL
322101863175391010161228792JACKSONVILLE, FL
3221190894568099314650JACKSONVILLE, FL
3221230300124427JACKSONVILLE, FL
32216990392770213421314JACKSONVILLE, FL
3221751914002089510088JACKSONVILLE, FL
32218203375129332131527113JACKSONVILLE, FL
3221950892031353605787JACKSONVILLE, FL
322204652774412885458JACKSONVILLE, FL
322211008446175735911661JACKSONVILLE, FL
322225224438573686087JACKSONVILLE, FL
3222393831323169011397JACKSONVILLE, FL
3222497987965065418417JACKSONVILLE, FL
322251782757041129024822JACKSONVILLE, FL
3222682789526359010JACKSONVILLE, FL
322275942006620JACKSONVILLE, FL
322281009596JACKSONVILLE, FL
3222916001228JACKSONVILLE, FL
32231000124124JACKSONVILLE, FL
32232000132132JACKSONVILLE, FL
322338423263624275912060ATLANTIC BEACH, FL
322342850120501243144JACKSONVILLE, FL
3223540000352752JACKSONVILLE, FL
32236882003921274JACKSONVILLE, FL
3223852300216739JACKSONVILLE, FL
32239715002971012JACKSONVILLE, FL
3224042700313740JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL
32241814005391353JACKSONVILLE, FL
32244182585314137762225571JACKSONVILLE, FL
32245866003891255JACKSONVILLE, FL
32246144228137710118624455JACKSONVILLE, FL
3224755000346896JACKSONVILLE, FL
32250966447670141215843JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL
3225454542811011746919JACKSONVILLE, FL
3225546900360829JACKSONVILLE, FL
322567737182563262328619JACKSONVILLE, FL
322571133361810129818812JACKSONVILLE, FL
32258115873942050616035JACKSONVILLE, FL
32266289451402323640NEPTUNE BEACH, FL
3227777645287029113342JACKSONVILLE, FL

Cities, Towns & Municipalities Located within Duval County

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  • Atlantic Beach
  • Baldwin
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Jacksonville
  • Neptune Beach

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